Below is some information about the green initiative under way at The Planet Art to help save water, improve recycling and minimise electricity usage.


We are avid recyclers and currently recycle all paper, plastic, glass and metal waste generated at our buildings.

From March to September 2017 we collected and recycled 796 kg of plastic, glass and metal waste.  We are constantly striving to increase our amount of recycled waste, keeping our contribution to local landfills to a minimum.  

As part of our future initiative we will be introducing a composting bin to the premises, creating our own compost from organic waste.

We use and recommend the recycling services of Recycle 1st and AA Waste for your recycling needs.


The City of Cape Town has again increased electricity tariffs as well as their services charges and we have, over the past year, investigated and implemented various electricity saving initiatives in our premises to keep consumption charges to a minimum.  Amongst these, we are now a registered dealer for LED lighting products and have replaced most of our Halogen, CFL and fluorescent bulbs used in the premises.  We will also be moving from single to bulk metering for our supply form The City of Cape Town thereby keeping services charges to a minimum.

LEDs have a lifespan of 12-15 times that of conventional Halogens and use up to 90% less energy.  In addition, as they operate at much lower temperatures, reducing the requirement for cooling in summer and reducing wear to especially the GU10 fittings.

If you are interested in LED’s for your home or office, contact us for a quotation.


Cape Town’s water crisis is well publicised and we urge all our tenants to comply with the City’s Level 5 restrictions and to keep their consumption of water, also when at the office, to a minimum.

The City Of Cape Town has provided a useful infographic that explains how to effectively help save water during the restrictions.

For further reading on how to save water at home, click here and here.